IT: Graphic Design
Adobe Certification

So you're interested in Graphic Design and have a passion for art? The Graphic Design program provides you with the opportunity to develop an understanding of color and composition, design and typography. You will be trained in creative problem-solving and learn to offer solutions that are effective in the business world. Companies large and small need logos and other graphics they can use in their marketing materials, signs, and shipping containers. Branding is an important strategy that businesses use in order to boost sales by earning consumer trust. Graphic design plays a huge role in the concept of branding.

On completion of this course, the learner will have a sound understanding in the areas of:

1. Design Layout
2. Logos
3. Branding
4. Publications

Course Contents

1) Introduction to fine art & illustration
2) Adobe Photoshop
3) Dreamweaver (HTML)
4) Coreldraw
5) Adobe Indesign
6) Adobe Illustrator

7) Adobe Flash
8) Adobe After Effects
9) Adobe Fireworks
10) Adobe Premea Pro
11) Autodesk Maya( 3D Animation )
12) Portfolio (POE)

Career Opportunities:
Graphic Designers, Web Designers and Brand