IT: Systems Development
(NQF L4)

This program has been designed in a way to equip students with a logical exploratory mind that performs optimally when faced with challenges of problems and finding solutions.
The course also teaches Computer hardware skills under A+, which includes full details of computer maintenance and repairs as well as Web Design and Systems analysis & Design.
On completion of this course, the learner will have a sound understanding in the areas of:

1. Programming
2. Networking and PC Repairs/Technical Support
3. End-User Computing Knowledge
4. Systems Analysis and Design
5. Web Design
6. Accounting
7. Business Management Skills and Marketing

Course Contents

1) Concepts of Information Technology
2) Microsoft Office 2007/2010
3) Introduction to programming
4) Information Systems and Technology
5) Database design
6) Business informatics
7) Object-oriented analysis
8) Accounting concepts, principles and procedures
9) Cisco ITE / CompTia A+
10) HTML 4.01 (Web Page Design)
11) Visual Basic.NET Programming
12) Systems Analysis and Design
13) Internet Technology
14) Fundamentals of Communication.
15) Principles of Management