NC: Wholesale and Retail Distribution Nqf L2

The purpose of this Certificate is to equip learners to understand and acquaint themselves with the underlying principles of all of the major areas related to distribution within the Wholesale & Retail sector, thus enabling them to become more effective employees.

The added value of the skills, knowledge and understanding developed by the Certificate will result in greater productivity resulting from the improved performance by the learner, due to the integration of the learning which may have taken place in the workplace.
This Certificate provides learners with a grounding in all areas of Distribution. This may enable them not only to increase their productivity within the Wholesale and Retail Sector but also to apply their learning in various other business environments.

Course Contents

1 Communication Fundamentals
2 Numeracy Fundamentals
3 Perform stock related functions
4 Define the core concepts of the W & R environment
5 Maintain a safe and secure Wholesale and Retail environment
6 Perform general administrative and office functions
7 Call Centre operations within a commercial environment