NC: Local Economic Development Nqf L5

This Qualification has been designed as a Qualification for officials who are working in Local Economic Development at an operational management level.
It focuses on providing the learner with a range of processes that will ensure that Local Economic Development efforts bring about sustainable development.
The National Certificate in Local Economic Development: NQF Level 5 provides knowledge of, and practical skills in, Local Economic Development as well as progress along a career path in Local economic development.
Local Economic Development (LED) is not a new concept in South Africa. Since the first democratic local government elections attention is focused on the role of local authorities as facilitators and implementers of LED. The role and functions of local government have changed considerably and local government has been given the task to drive the LED process. Local government officials are, however, not well equipped to deal with this function in terms of knowledge and understanding of what LED, means nor do they have the skills required to implement LED policy and procedures.


1. Explain the application of a range of international trends and national and provincial strategies and policies in economic development as well as Integrated Development Planning (IDP) to local economic development in South Africa
2. Apply a range of operational management principles and practices including research, project management and facilitation skills, to the local economic development environment
3. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the implementation of a range of practical local economic development concepts
4. Apply an understanding of budgeting and financial management by preparing a local economic development project budget and the relevant financial reports
5. Evaluate own performance in the local economic development environment.