FETC: Leadership Development

The purpose of the qualification is to enable qualifying learners to apply leadership competencies to ensure service excellence.

Learners will develop competencies to utilise leadership skills to enhance service delivery in a specific sector or context. Individual learners will benefit through enhancing their personal competencies, knowledge and skills so as to be able to complete tasks required in their employment contracts and by legislation, relating to:
- Applying emotional intelligence in a leadership context.
- Motivating self and others.
- Applying leadership to relationship management.
- Applying visionary thinking skills in leadership problem-solving contexts.
- Developing service culture of a specific sector.

Course Contents
The qualification is designed in a modular format, but can also be delivered in unit standards as per skills programme.

1 Communication Skills
2 Mathematical Literacy
3 Language Proficiency
4 Principles of Leadership
5 Leadership and Strategic Planning
6 Ethical Standards in a Leadership Role
7 Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Delivery Options
This national qualification can be earned either through traditional training or recognition of prior learning (RPL)

This Qualification articulates vertically and horizontally with the following Qualifications:
-Business Administration.
-Generic Management.
-Public Finance Management and Administration.
-Municipal Finance Management and Administration.