NC: Bookkeeping
ICB Qualification

The Accounting profession is a succession of levels from Bookkeeper to Accountant. Falcon Business Institute's bookkeeping programme accredited by ICB prepares students to move up the ladder from a Junior-level position in bookkeeping upto a most senior position as Technical Financial Accountant.

The Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting program focuses on business literacy, bookkeeping to trial balance, payroll and SARS returns, computerized bookkeping, Financial statements,management accounting, Income Tax Returns, Business Law and Accounting Control.

In addition, computer courses are offered to broaden students’ knowledge and to prepare them for the workplace.


Course Contents

1) Business Literacy
2) Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
3) Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns
4) Computerised Bookkeeping

On completion of this level, a learner can then progress to the Senior Bookkeeper (Further education and Training Certificate Level 4) qualification.