Computer Literacy

Office Computing

This course, offered via class attendances and assignments, is designed for the student who wants to learn to use a computer in an office environment. The program will emphasize the basic concept of computers, handling of files, using computer application software such as Word, Excel as well as Power Point. Computer literacy is critical in the new South Africa, where people come from backgrounds and schooling which did not afford them the opportunities to get into grips with computer technology.

 Course Contents
* Concepts of IT(Introduction to Computers)
* Windows
* MS-Word 2007/2010
* MS-Excel 2007/2010
* MS-Outlook
* Internet & e-mail
* Typing / Keyboarding

Computer skills
Highly interactive:    Tests skills hands-on, in a fully simulated environment.
Comprehensive:        Covers Windows, Internet, E-Mail, Word, Excel & PowerPoint.
Development:           Teaches essential computer skills needed in today's workplace
Facilitates Training:  Creates a customized learning path for each learner.

Duration:  3 Months.